Empowering parents with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed

The Parent Action Center works to mobilize communities and build capacity within parents by providing families with the tools and resources needed when determining what is best for their student's education. Building parent power throughout the entire district plays a vital role in providing the option of a school choice solution for every student in EBR.

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Is Your Child Enrolled in a Baton Rouge School?
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The goal of the Parent Academy is to build capacity within parents to be well-informed advocates to ensure school choice is part of the solution in our education ecosystem. Empowering families is our core mission. The Parent Academy allows parents to understand their rights, navigate conversations with school administrators, and develop skills to support and advocate for their child’s academic success. As parent ambassadors through our program, our leaders will have lifelong access to resources and opportunities to bring transformative change to public education in Baton Rouge.

Parent academy APPLICATION
Parent Academy Session I
will be held in may

Selected applicants must commit to monthly intensive programming . For participants to get the most out of their experience, they must plan to engage in the learning environment fully by attending all sessions. To make things easier for our participants with young children, childcare services are provided during each session. So don't wait any longer - join us on this journey today!

 Programming will cover the following topics listed below: